My CS401 Online Quiz No. 1

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GMT + 3 Hours My CS401 Online Quiz No. 1

Post by Chaand jee on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:01 pm

1. Assembly language is not a low level language.
a. True
b. False

2. In case of COM File first command parameter is stored at ______ offset of program
segment prefix.
a. 0x80 (Not Confirm)
b. 0x82
c. 0x84
d. 0x86

3. Address always goes from
a. Processor to meory
b. Memory to processor
c. Memory to memory
d. None of the above

4. The sourse register in OUT is
a. AL or AX
b. BL or BX
c. CL or CX
d. DL or DX

5. By default CS is associated with
a. SS
b. BP
c. CX
d. IP

6. Which of the following pins of parallel port are grounded
a. 10-18
b. 18-25
c. 25-32
d. 32-39

7. In the instruction mov word [es:160], 0x1230, 30 represents the character
a. A
b. B
c. 0
d. 1

8. On executing 0x21 0x3D, if file cant be opened then
a. CF will contain 1
b. CF will contain 0
c. ZF will contain 1
d. ZF will contain 0

9. Which of the following IRQ is cascading interrupt
a. IRQ 0
b. IRQ 1
c. IRQ 2
d. IRQ 3

10. The execution of instruction mov word [es:160], 0x1230, will print a character on the
screen at
a. First column of second row
b. Second column of first row
c. Second column of second row
d. First column of third row
Chaand jee

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