My MCM301 Online Quiz No. 1

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GMT + 3 Hours My MCM301 Online Quiz No. 1

Post by Chaand jee on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:03 pm

All of the following guidelines play an important part to make your writing concrete, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
Include as much specific information as possible.
Use active rather than passive verbs.
Use vivid, image-building words.
Use passive verbs.
All of the following are correct when it comes to writing disappointing news letters EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
Avoid the use of negative words or phrases.
Avoid making suppositions that are not likely to occur
Avoid a meaningless closing.
Avoid a neutral or buffered opening.
A simple sentence that makes a statement or expresses an attitude, opinion, condition, position, or feeling
about the subject. It is called which of the following.
Select correct option:
Thesis statement
A presenter who speaks too loudly may be perceived as which of the following?
Select correct option:
Insensitive to listeners
All of the given options
While preparing for effective business writing Planning Stage involves all of the following, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
Choosing appropriate clothes
Considering your reader
Determining the appropriate content
Determining your purpose
Self-confident individuals usually stand more erect than those:
Select correct option:
who lack confidence
who are over-confident
who are submissive
who are arrogant
In written communication active verbs help make sentences more:
Select correct option:
All of the given options
What does communication breakdown mean?
Select correct option:
We have been ineffective in communication.
We have been effective in communication.
We have been helpful in communication.
We physically broke communication.
Which one of the following is the most formal type of speech delivery?
Select correct option:
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