How to Get Good Grades in Semester System...

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GMT - 3 Hours How to Get Good Grades in Semester System...

Post by plhr60 on Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:38 am

You are finding it difficult to study in semester system due to certain reasons.
I am sending some tips to score good GPA in semester system which are as under;
You need to complete the requirements of the degree program.There are no shortcuts; you have to earn this degree by hardworking. Most of the students find it difficult when they switch from annual system to semester system.

But don't worry! You can easily handle it by following the guidelines given below;

1. Study on daily basis and avoid any days off. Always watch lectures and take your own notes from the lectures. Keep putting the notes on side for revision over the weekend and near to mid/final exams. If you find any difficulties, do ask questions on MDBs and also consult books and related material.
2. Start working on your assignments/quizzes the day they are given by the Instructors. Don’t wait till the end. Anything can happen. By just scoring well in assignments and GMBS, one can secure 20% marks. Don’t loose them.
3. Try to achieve best possible grades and do not worry too much about the duration of the degree program.
4. Manage your courses according to your energies/abilities. If you ever find that out of six courses, one or two courses are difficult to handle due to any reason then drop them and concentrate on the remaining courses to score good GPA. The dropped courses can be taken at later stages i.e. in upcoming semesters. While practicing such thing only precaution is to seek guidance from your teacher /program coordinator that if you drop any "abc123" course, would it effect your course selection in the next semester or not. I am sure that if you follow the above given instructions you should be able to improve your CGPA. If you would follow the guidelines given above you wouldn’t even ask for a gap between exams. In semester system, gaps between the papers are not given. You all should already be prepared enough to attempt the papers. Another thing has been observed that while attempting the papers most of the students do not read the questions carefully thus they fail to attempt the questions in full. Therefore, you are all advised to read the questions carefully and attempt all the possible parts asked in the questions.
I got these tips from
Assistant Professor Department of Management Sciences
Virtual University of Pakistan

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