Metal Detector - Ground Metal Detector MCD-5008

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GMT - 2 Hours Metal Detector - Ground Metal Detector MCD-5008

Post by News Poster on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:32 pm

Product Description


Detect underground pipelines, cables
Scan metal articles in mail or luggage
Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods


Archeology, mineral exploration, finds underground metal articles
Emission Frequency: 6.99KHZ
Operation Mode: Ground balance mode; Discrimination mode
Power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries
Security inspection, public security organs ransack
Sensitivity: small coil: 25-30cm (test 25US cent) Big coin: 35-40cm (test 25US cent)
Signal Frequencies: 437HZ
This conclusion id elicited by testing an aluminum sheet (60cm*60cm*1cm) buried in dry soil
Weight: 2.78kg
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