Cases of Corona Virus Updates

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GMT - 6 Hours Cases of Corona Virus Updates

Post by Akram Tahseen on Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:58 am

Dear Members

In view of the reported cases of Corona Virus diagnosed in the country. The following precautionary measures are notified for general information;

  • a)      Everyone to avoid hand-shakes and hugging.
  • b)      For the moment, bio metric attendance is stopped and attendance through HR portal may be used at all locations.
  • c)       Side railings, door knobs must be cleaned with antiseptic at least twice a day.
  • d)      Similar action may be taken for joint use of computers/key boards/mouse/telephone and fax machines.
  • e)      If someone is suffering from flu or showing signs of illness etc should be taken to the hospital straight away.
  • f)       Washing of hands by all staff, with soap must be compulsory every 3 to 4 hours. Washing should be at least for 20 seconds.
  • g)      Avoid unnecessary travelling/gathering.
  • h)      Be isolate as far as possible from other passengers.
  • i)        Wear a protective face mask and wash hand regularly.
  • j)        It is advised to use hand sanitizers and face masks.
  • k)      Recommended use of disposable glass and utensils.
  • l)        Frequent hand wash by all especially before/after visiting other offices.
  • m)    Dettol hand wash liquids must be placed in washrooms. Everybody is requested to wash their hands properly before leaving the washrooms.
Akram Tahseen
Akram Tahseen
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