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GMT - 3 Hours Mapd map - tracker mobile location

Post by ali001 on Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:37 am

Mapd helps you create a map of the world with friends, share the best places from your travels, where you live and all the other experiences that you feel is worth sharing with friends.

It works in a simple way, every time you go out to eat, drink or do anything that you find your friends should know about or try in the future, you add a point to the map, rate it and write a small review/message. 

Next time your friends open the app they will see your review in the news feed.
They will then be informed of the great times you had either on your travels or where you live and thereby be able to go to try out that experience for them selfs.
This works in your favor as well, every time you open the app and see what your friends have been up to, you might find that you get inspired to try out some new things that you didn't even know existed or would'en have ever found.

- Add places.
- Rate new places from 1-4. ( color based )

- Check new posts from your friends in the news feed.
- See where your friends have been, and check what they rated right on the map.

- See what's near you ( 50 km ), from friends or ALL users.
- See ALL locations from one friend on their personal map in their account.

- Comment and like new posts.

- Get directions to the place you want to go to.

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