Internship Report-Marketing- MKT619- Askari Commercial Bank Limited (ACBL)

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GMT + 3 Hours Internship Report-Marketing- MKT619- Askari Commercial Bank Limited (ACBL)

Post by waqas on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:46 am

1 Title page
2 Dedication
3 Acknowledgment
4 Executive summery
5 Scanned copy of internship certificate
6 Table of content
7 Brief introduction of the sector of organization
8 Overview of the organization
8.1 History
8.2 Nature of organization
8.3 Business volume
8.4 Product line
8.5 Brand portfolio of the organization
8.6 Strategies of branding used by the organization
8.7 List of main client
8.8 List of main competitor
8.9 Organization structure
9 Organizational Hierarchy chart
9.1 Number of employees
9.2 Main offices
9.3 Introduction of all the departments
9.4 Comments on the organizational structure
10 Plan for you internship program
10.1 A brief introduction of the branch/head office where you did your internship
10.2 Starting and ending dates of your internship
10.3 The departments in which you got training and duration of your training
11 Training program
11.1 Detailed description of the department you
worked in

12 Structure of marketing department
12.1 Department hierarchy

12.2 Number of employees working in the Marketing department
12.3 Marketing operations
13 Functions of the Marketing Department
13.1 Segmentation strategy
13.2 Target marketing strategy
13.3 Product planning, development & management
13.4 Positioning
13.5 Pricing strategy
13.6 Distribution strategy
13.7 Promotional strategy
14 Structure of the Sales Department
14.1 Department hierarchy
14.2 Number of employees working in the sales department
14.3 Sales operations
15 Function of sales department
15.1 Sales methodology
15.2 Type of selling
15.3 Sales returns procedures
16 Customer services department
16.1 process of developing relations with customers
16.2 Techniques of retaining the customers
16.3 Techniques of attracting new customers
16.4 Ways of handling different kinds of customers
17 Critical analysis
17.1 Success & failure of different products of the organization in the market along with reasons.
17.2 Future prospects of the organization
18 SWOT analysis of the organization in the business sector
19 Conclusion & recommendations for improvement
20 References and sources used
Appendix part
21 Annexes

Total Pages 75
Note: Internship Report will be send via EMAIL

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GMT + 3 Hours Re: Internship Report-Marketing- MKT619- Askari Commercial Bank Limited (ACBL)

Post by Tariq Zaheer on Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:58 am

Please send me the internship report on Askari Bank.
Tariq Zaheer

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