PHY404 Assignment No. 2 Idea Solution

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GMT + 3 Hours PHY404 Assignment No. 2 Idea Solution

Post by kamran on Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:56 am


Diagnose the disorder Saliha is suffering from and mention on which AXIS the disorder lies according to DSM IV. (1+1)

Saliha is suffering from the Bipolar disorder without psychotic features, mixed episodes. The disorder lies on the Axis Ι according to DSM IV.

<>·····Famil y problemsStressful life events
Poor economical conditions.
These are the major causes of this psychological disorder.

· As a clinical psychologist what treatments plan would you suggest her and why? (4)

The treatment plans which I suggest to Saliha are as given below:-

Psychological Treatment:-
A psychological therapy helps to deal with many of the interpersonal, cognitive and emotional problem of bipolar patients. A psychological therapy also helps the clients to come back in social setup and helps to reduce the stress and depression.

Interpersonal Therapy:-
This therapy helps the patient to deal better with life events that triggered. This therapy can also recommended to my patient because this therapy helps her to gain insight of her problem and with the help of this therapy she will be able to deal more effectively in her life, stressful events and understand them better.

These therapies are useful to Saliha because to reduce her stress and will help to come back their normal routine and she will be able with the passage of time to adjust in her life. All the above therapies will be helpful to solve her family problems.

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GMT + 3 Hours Re: PHY404 Assignment No. 2 Idea Solution

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