Money got stolen from Avari Towers Karachi

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GMT - 3 Hours Money got stolen from Avari Towers Karachi

Post by Cedric Wilson on Sun May 21, 2017 2:58 pm

Hello Guys,

It had been a great experience till now in karachi. But my money got stolen from Avari Towers 's electronic safe. The safe is in my room and there are no security cameras within in the room obviously. But I guess I can ask them about cameras in the lobby. I opened the safe yesterday using the code I had set and took some money out. When I tried to open the safe today morning, the damn thing dint take my code. I went and reported the matter to reception. They immediately sent a guy to the room, he opened a few screws and within a minute the safe was open. I had my eye on him all the time so it couldnt have been him. My contention is anybody could have done the samething yesterday when I was away, could have taken the money, hence my code wasnt working today morning as the safe was reset. Ofcourse I would try to reason it out with the management just wanted to know what Options I have. Is there any thing I could do? or threaten the hotel management with anything? 
Please reply as soon as possible, I am meeting the hotel manager in some time.

Cedric Wilson

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