CS504 Software Engineering GDB due date 22nd February 2016

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GMT - 2 Hours CS504 Software Engineering GDB due date 22nd February 2016

Post by Simba on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:51 pm

GDB topic has been announced for CS504. You can prepare your reply meanwhile and post on GDB from 19th February to 22nd February. 
Software Verification and validation are the processes in which we check a product against its specifications and the expectations of the users who will be using it.
It is possible that software is verified but not validated because during the requirements engineering phase, user needs might not have been captured precisely or the analyst might have missed a major stakeholder in the analysis.
Now, let’s suppose during requirement engineering phase, users requirements are captured precisely and comprehensively. Do you think there is a need of validation? Is it a wastage of resources if we perform validation in said scenario? Justify your answer with very solid reasons (3-5) in either case.
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