MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)

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GMT - 3 Hours MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)

Post by winnersgroup on Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:53 pm

Course Selection

MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)


1. Students enrolled in the first semester of their study programme are given pre-selected courses; all other students may select their own courses subject to their scheme of studies and the limitations prescribed in the rules below.

2. The credit hour limits are as below:

i. For the first semester a maximum of 15 credit hours are allowed.

ii. For the second semester a maximum of 18 credit hours are allowed

iii. For the third and fourth semester a maximum of 18 credit hours (including at least 3 credit hours of ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade course) are allowed

iv. For the fifth and any extra subsequent semesters a maximum of 12 credit hours (including Internship/Project) are allowed however, if the degree programme would be completed in that semester, a maximum of 18 credit hours including Internship/Project are allowed..

3. Students taking less than the course load prescribed by their scheme of studies will require extra semesters to complete the curriculum; in such cases they will also have to bear the additional cost.

4. During a study program, students may attempt to improve a ‘D’ grade course only once.

Rules for Areas of Specialization, Internships and Final Projects:

5. Students shall select one area of specialization comprising four courses when specialization is offered as per their scheme of studies.

6. In order to select an area of specialization, students must have:

i. achieved a CGPA of 2.0 or higher

ii. earned 45 or more credit hours.

7. In order to enroll for an Internship Programme or a Final Project, students must have:

i. achieved a CGPA of 2.30 or higher

ii. earned 60 or more credit hours

iii. selected an area of specialization and qualified the required two courses of relevant area of specialization .

iv. passed STA630 Research Methods course

8. Regular Students (non job holders)

i. are required to select “Internship Course” when offered in their scheme of studies, instead of a Final Project

ii. must undergo a 6 to 8 week internship in an organization, preferably relevant to their selected area of specialization

iii. will be required to submit an Internship Report and Internship Completion Certificate at the end of the internship program

iv. will be required to request their internship supervisor(s) to send a performance report of the internee by filling up the prescribed evaluation form and submitting it in a sealed envelope to the University.

9. On Job Students

i. are required to select “Final Project” relevant to their selected area of specialization instead of undergoing an internship

ii. must submit a Job Confirmation Letter from their current employer and claim exemption from the internship.

(Note: Evaluation of the course “Final Project” / “Internship Report” will be based on pass/fail criteria and will not affect a student's CGPA. However, being a compulsory requirement, it is necessary to pass this course to fulfill the requirements of the degree program).


In order to select your courses, follow the steps below:

1. From within the LMS, click the Student Services button

2. Click on the Course Selection link

3. Give preference to ‘F’ grade course(s) and the improvement of ‘D’ grades where possible

4. Click the check boxes to select courses

5. Save the selection

6. You may make changes in course selection any number of times before the last date to add, drop or replace course(s).

(Note: You may want to consult your scheme of studies under the Student Services section in your LMS account, in case of any confusion).

RECOMMENDATION: Full Time Regular Students Are Urged To Follow Their Prescribed Scheme Of Studies.
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GMT - 3 Hours Re: MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)

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GMT - 3 Hours Re: MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)

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GMT - 3 Hours Re: MBA (2 ½ -year, 72 Cr. Hrs. / 5 semesters)

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