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Post by modi on Sat May 23, 2015 2:49 pm

IT Club

Welcome to the IT Club of Virtual University of Pakistan!

The main purpose of the society is to arrange such competitions through which we can shape students’ knowledge, programming skills and their mind-set towards practical field. The IT Club will provide an environment for the IT students to explore their programming skills and enhance their problem solving capabilities.
To provide a launching pad for the rising stars of VU to fulfill their ambition by providing an opportunity to realize their potential and become shining stars on the horizon of IT.
To nurture creativity and innovation in programming skills, students will be provided out-of-box learning experience through training and programming competitions.
The main objective of IT club is to sharpen the programming and research skills through some real-life computing/programming practices and promote the application of IT. This will cultivate IT talents and interests with an aim to facilitate IT development in Virtual University of Pakistan. Other objectives of the activities organized by IT club include:

  • Expanding the participants’ existing knowledge.
  • Aiding in the team building process.
  • Having fun to participate in but with a competitive element.
  • Enhancing the real-time problem solving skills.
  • Increasing the critical thinking abilities.
  • Designing the efficient and effective solutions in strict deadline environment.
  • Augmenting confidence to take real time problems as a challenge.
  • Enhancing students’ ability to work in team environment.
  • Improving communication skills within a team.

IT Club Details:
The club will cover the following main areas:

  • Trainings &Workshops.
  • Competitions.

Trainings & Workshops:
To assist students for their final year project selection and successful completion of their project, the IT Club will organize different types of workshops and training programs. The students will benefit from the latest tools and technologies through advance and professional training programs which will make them market capable. The trainers can be from either faculty or industry and will be presented certificate, souvenir and remuneration in some cases.
Tentatively, IT Club will conduct three types of competitions:

  • IT Quiz Competition.
  • Programming Competition.
  • Innovative Programming Ideas Competition.

Rules and Procedures:
The IT Club will be sponsored and executed by VU. It may be established in regional or in a nearby campus subject to the availability of the students. It will be implemented on yearly basis.
Requirements to Join:
The compulsory requirements for joining the society are as follow:

  • The candidate must be a VU student.
  • The candidate must have Computer Science background (Required for Programming and Creative & Innovative Ideas Competitions).
  • The students can participate as individuals or in the form of group depending upon nature of competition and the same will be announced accordingly.

The other competition specific requirements will be announced at the time of competition. Registration Mechanism:
Students can contact their respective campus managers to get registered for the societies. To register online, please click here
The committee is responsible for supervision, coordination and arrangements of support facilities for the students in different cities and campuses to visit different cites of the country. The members of committee are:

VU IT Club
M.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

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