Character Building Society

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GMT - 11 Hours Character Building Society

Post by modi on Sat May 23, 2015 2:46 pm

Character Building Society

History clearly shows that demonstration of high ethical values and character makes a society distinct from others. This is the same virtue by which a society earns the leadership position in its environment. This status of a society depends on its individual members who are just, fair and honest in their dealings. History also reveals that there are examples of both types of societies; those who could not maintain high ethical standing over time, and those who managed to achieve better ethical standing from the low ranks. The factor that makes difference in this regard is the institutional effort to spread awareness and impart training. Virtual University of Pakistan being the federally chartered university having student base all over Pakistan does realize and recognize its very responsibility to produce an individual able to demonstrate high ethical values and character for the progress and prosperity of the society. Establishment of Character Building Society at VU has specifically been proposed as the part of overall strategy to execute the responsibility.
To work for evolving individuals who are self-motivated, absolutely truthful, extremely courteous, helpful and practice all human values and believe in honesty as key to progress and success.
Mission is a resolve to provide education to the people of Pakistan so that they become responsible and conscientious citizens.

  • To devise and practice a code of conduct aimed at character building.
  • To devise a code of conduct for teachers.
  • To behave as models for others.
  • To inculcate a strict sense of self-discipline through personal examples taking inspiration from moral and ethical values.
  • To discharge their obligations towards the community’s needs and expectations.
  • To harness their social, ethical and academic values consonance with educational and cultural curriculum.
  • To act as whistle blower against malpractices, corruption and related issues to concerned quarters without any exploitative motive or design.


  • Selection and development of relevant literature on character building for distribution among faculty, students and public.
  • Work to develop civic sense in the society for example traffic sense.
  • Organization of seminars, walks, conferences, workshops and other events for spreading awareness on different topics helpful for character building.
  • Joining hands with all other societies working at VU and other parts of Pakistan to work for the cause.
  • Generation and implementation of all other related ideas for the cause.


Mr. Rizwan Saleem Convener
Dr. Junaid Shareef Member
Mr. Ahmed Lodhi Member
Mr. Faizan Tahir Member
Mr. Jamshed Nasir Member
Mr. Javed Iqbal Member
Mr. Syed Hassan Bukhari Member
Mr. Wasim Zahid Member
Mr. Yasir Zaib Member
Mr. Zafar Iqbal Member
Ms Naila Gul Member
Ms. Amna Mumtaz Member
Ms. Fariha Amin Member
Ms. Sadaf Kazmi Member
Ms. Sadia Jabeen Member

VU Character Building Society
M.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

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