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GMT - 6 Hours LESCO CEO Office Directory

Post by Simba on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:39 pm

Desig/ Office
Name Of Officer
(Off) Phone
Chief ExecutiveRao Zameer-ud-Din99204801 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:100  
0347-0010001 ceo@lesco.gov.pk 
Chief Engineer/Sr. Manager O&M (T&G)NA99204809 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:107 
0347-0010703 coamtag@lesco.gov.pk 
Chief Financial OfficerBasharat Ali99204816 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext: 106 
0347-0010055 cfo@lesco.gov.pk 
General Manager TechnicalAbdul Rehman99204807 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:102  
0347-0010033 dirtech@lesco.gov.pk 
HR DirectorRaja Liaqat Ali99204811 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:104  
0347-0010011 dirhr@lesco.gov.pk 
Customer Services DirectorKhalid Mehmood Nasir99204814 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:105  
0347-0010022 dircs@lesco.gov.pk 
CE/Sr. Manager Planning and Dev.NA99204818 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:200 
0347-0010501 srmanpd@lesco.gov.pk 
D.G (Admin)Tariq Wahid Khan99204696 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:169 
0347-0010102 dgadmn@lesco.gov.pk 
Operation DirectorJaved Iqbal Azad99204813 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:103  
0347-0010044 gmo@lesco.gov.pk 
CE/Sr. Manager O & M (Distribution)Mehboob Alam Bhatti99204795 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:311 
0347-0010701 srmanomdist@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl Manager (S & I)Siddique Shahid99204799 (Direct)
Manager CommercialSheikh Athar Hussain99204850 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:130 
0347-0010030 mancomm@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl. Manager AdminTahir Nadeem Ahmad 9204694-5 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:163  
0347-0010104 dmhrm@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl. Manager System ImplementationTariq Usman99204832 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:192 
0347-0010186 dmimp@lesco.gov.pk 
Additional Manager Public RelationsMajor Aurangzeb99204692 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:154 
0347-0010110 pro@lesco.gov.pk 
Manager MarketingZafar Iqbal99204840 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:144 
0347-0010402 manmrkt@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl Manager (S & I)Mian Muhammad Aleem99204799 (Direct)
Senior Manager Material ManagementQaiser Zaman99204842 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:300 
0347-0010088 manmm@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl Manager (S & I)Imtiaz HussainOff:99204820-30 Ext:150 0347-0010197  
Addl Manager Corporate AccountsSyed Azhar Iqbal99204839 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:621 
0347-0010805 dmacff@lesco.gov.pk 
Addl Manager (S & I)Khalid Butter99204799 (Direct)
Manager Corporate AccountsMuhammad Buksh Baloch99204837 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:143 
Manager Corporate Planning and ControlMuhammad Atif99204845 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext: 609 
0347-0010809 mancpc@lesco.gov.pk 
Manager HRZamir Hussain Kolachi99204794 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:160 
0347-0015055 manhra@lesco.gov.pk 
Company SecretaryMian Muhammad Afzal99204806 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:118  
0347-0010141 companysect@lesco.gov.pk 
Manager CivilAsim Saeed Malik99204844 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:653 
0347-0018800 mancivil@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager O&M (Distribution)Asim RazaOff:99204820-30 Ext:316 03470010721 dmoam@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager TariffRaja MehmoodOff:99204820-30 0347-0010188 dmtariff@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Material ManagementSayed Jamal AhmadOff:99204820-30 Ext:324 0347-0010713  
Dy. Manager (R&D)Imran Mehmood99204699 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:683 
0347-0014953 dmrad@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager (Environment & Safeguard)Muhammad UsmanOff:99204820-30 Ext:613 0347-0015511 dmeas@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Planning-III&VIIHumayun Rahim99204834 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:206 
0347-0010396 dmpd3@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Planning-IVLatif Mughal99204833 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:205 
0347-0010035 dmpd4@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Accounts FinanceMian Irfan SaeedOff:99204820-30 0347-0019002 dmacc@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Material ManagementRamzan ButtOff:99204820-30 Ext:309 0347-0010504 dmmm1@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Material ManagementMazhar Majeed AwanOff:99204820-30 Ext: 601 0347-0019673 dmmm@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Material ManagementSuleman MajeedOff:99204820-30 0347-0019045 dmmm@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager TransportRamzan Butt99204797 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:175 
0347-0010109 dmtpt@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager O&M P&IHumayun RahimOff:99204820-30 Ext:323 0347-0010396 dmptg@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Planning-IVRamzan Ghuman99205247 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:202 
0347-0010521 dmpd2@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager SecurityMajor Ajmal Rauf99204792 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:142  
Deputy Manager Planning-I&VIBashir Ahmad99204691 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:207 
0347-0010515 dmpd1@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Material ManagementSyed Jamal AhmadOff:99204820-30 Ext:305 0347-0010713  
Deputy Manager IntelligenceMajor Sarfaraz99204852 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:219  
0347-0010107 dmint@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager AdminNouman Ghafoor99204694 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:163  
Deputy Manager S&IMudassar Butt99204799 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:149 
0347-0010513 dmsai1@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager Finance R&CAKhawaja Altamash99204845 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:691 
0347-0010814 dmrca@lesco.gov.pk 
Deputy Manager S&IAman Ullah99204799 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:646 
0347-0010115 dmsai2@lesco.gov.pk 
Assistant Manager (R&D)Naeema Halim OmerOff:99204820-30 Ext: 211  amrad1@lesco.gov.pk 
Assistant Manager Customer ServicesFouzia36271614 (Direct)
Off:99204820-30 Ext:132 
0322-4548826 amcs1@lesco.gov.pk 
Assistant Manager ComplaintsSaad JahangirOff:99204820-30 Ext:171   

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