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GMT - 3 Hours Project Manager for Integration Job Description

Post by Tim Hollibone on Sun May 25, 2014 7:28 am

These where my views from the experience I’ve had over the last 10 years.
But I was interested in what other merger integration professionals around the world also thought. So I posted on Linkedin the question: “What qualities does a person need to have to manage an Integration?”
So if you are looking to hire an Integration Manager or assuming the role yourself, here’s a bit of a job description for the role.
The Integration Manager needs to have excellent Project Management Skills

  • Clear assignments, common formats for their outputs, disciplined timelines, and coordinated meeting schedules, communication mechanisms and review processes.

  • The integration manager not only needs to put this machinery and structure into place but also to coordinate and manage it on ongoing basis.

The Integration Manager must have Strong Social Skills

  • Interpersonal skills, negotiating skills and ability to make decisions are at the core of the profile.

  • The Integration Manager is the face and voice of the company in the acquired organization and needs to be able to build strong ties with the Senior Management team of the acquired organization to be able to identify any potential issues that may make the integration derail.

  • The Integration manager must be able to build a trusting relationship that will yield that kind of information.

The Integration Manager is a Senior Role

  •  The Integration Manager needs to be senior enough to have the authority to make decisions on the spot and keep things moving swiftly, which also demonstrates our commitment to making the integration a success.

  • The Integration Manager needs to have a clear understanding of the business strategy to ensure the decisions are aligned accordingly.

The Integration Manager is a Special Leader for Special Times.

  • The ability to get things done with grace and under pressure, while making the team think it was their idea.

  • Make key decisions and being able to back those decisions up, even when the general workforce is counter to the action is another.

  • The Integration Manager needs to be an agent of change, often under difficult circunstances, while being able to command the respect and admiration of both the workers and the executives.

  • Good network in the integrating company so that you easily connect the integrated company to the good people.

  • Sense of service to build the confidence and trust needed with integrated teams “I’m here to help you do your business in the new environment”

  • Management experience to be able to react quickly to many little (or some time bigger) issues and treat them at the good level.

The Integration Manager needs to manage Risks

  • Identify early the constraining factors that are unspoken and unseen.

  • Without creating a defensive environment, bring out the potential issues — the kinds of things that people might be thinking will get in their way or endanger their job or position, and put people’s fears at ease while clearing away potential barriers.

  • Identify early (be proactive) when possible corrective action may be needed & diplomatically engage those who are at the root and those who need to act on it.

  • The Integration Manager doesn’t need to have intimate knowledge of the business from the outset – But understands business and learns fast.

The Integration Manager maintains a strong Client and Financial Focus

  • The role of an integration manager is first to ensure client service is maintained across the businesses.

  • To help create a singular brand and culture from the combined entity.

  • To determine and implement the right structure as quickly as possible keeping people from both the merging companies so that ‘one side’ doesn’t feel of limited value or influence.

  • To bring stability and certainty to the staff by acting quickly and seperating those who are to leave from those who will continue.

  • And most importantly to ensure the finacial benefits determined to justify the combination are delivered and the shareholders reap the benefits.

The most important skills for the Integration Manager are skills around managing through the change effectively. Sometimes it is a Project Manager, a Change Manager or as a Business Leader.
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