Cultural Tips for Pakistan - Meeting People

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GMT - 3 Hours Cultural Tips for Pakistan - Meeting People

Post by Simba on Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:29 pm

In Pakistan, people usually bow when they meet for the first time. A bow with a deeper and slower motion is thought to be more polite. Men will place their hands on their thighs and women cross their hands in front of them when bowing. You should keep your chin pulled in towards your neck, so make sure the person you're addressing is too close after bowing

On business occasions, people will also shake hands and exchange business cards (that is iashi - it literally means "name cards"). It is polite to offer your card with both hands and to bow slightly at the same time. You should also take the other persons business card with both hands and examine it for a few moments to show your respect.

It is a good idea to get some business cards with your name printed on them in both English and Urdu script. Remember to put your surname first in Urdu.

You may even see people bowing while talking on their mobile phones. This is because they always bow slightly when they say "Thank you" or 'Sorry", so it becomes a habit. If someone has helped you with directions, just bow slightly to show your appreciation  Big Hug 

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