Define Performance Standards for Each Duty

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GMT + 3 Hours Define Performance Standards for Each Duty

Post by winnersgroup on Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:11 pm

PA type | Receptionist | Accounting Associate | Laboratory Technician | Library Services Associate | Administrative Secretary | Technical Support Provider
Note: These are examples of specific duties from several jobs and are intended only as illustrations. They are not necessarily complete or accurate for any specific positions.
Example of Performance Standards for PA Positions

  • Develops project objectives, budgets, work plans and implementation strategies

    • consistent with departmental goals
    • communicates clearly to all levels
    • falls within budget guidelines
    • can reasonably be accomplished in specified time frame
    • follows up and resolves problems in timely manner to keep project on track.

  • Analyzes, synthesizes and communicates financial information and data in complex account structures; uses data to develop budget and financial plans.

    • uses appropriate sources of information
    • uses the most recent data
    • meets specified deadlines
    • conclusions and recommendations are justified by the data
    • federal, state and university guidelines are followed

  • Designs/develops and negotiates contracts with clients and vendors

    • contracts are clear, complete and reflect the needs of the unit
    • negotiation skills are such that the best value is achieved for the institution
    • solutions are effective and mutually acceptable
    • good client and vendor relationships are maintained
    • contracts are consistent with all federal, state and university policies and procedures

  • Develops policies and/or interprets and implements all federal, state, local and university policies, procedure and regulations

    • policies are clearly written and include all necessary components
    • all pre-approval steps have been followed to include necessary in-put from concerned parties
    • sufficient research is conducted to provide accurate background knowledge necessary to the process of development and/or interpretation
    • communication regarding policies is done in a timely manner to all affected groups and in an unambiguous, customer friendly manner

  • Performs management duties with accountability and authority for the strategic direction of the department

    • planning, budget, staffing, resource allocation, policy development, staff supervision, etc.:

      • the unit is in compliance with governmental and university policies and procedures
      • staff morale remains high
      • complaints about personnel, leadership and work of department are minimal
      • organizational goals are achieved in timely manner

  • Assists students with academic problems and/or advises students regarding degree requirements

    • works with students in a customer oriented manner
    • gives accurate information
    • keeps updated on requirement changes and keeps students informed
    • knows and utilizes resources to resolve problems

Example of Performance Standards for a Receptionist

  • Greet customers

    • opens office promptly at 8:00 a.m.
    • consistently conveys friendly, helpful, professional manner
    • provides accurate information
    • demonstrates a customer service orientation
    • secures back-up for times of absences from desk

  • Answers phone

    • answers with a friendly greeting
    • speaks clearly and distinctly
    • uses all functions of phone (hold, transfer, etc.) in knowledgeable and customer friendly manner
    • takes messages accurately and completely

  • Distributes incoming and prepares outgoing mail

    • sorts and date stamps incoming mail
    • distributes to individual mailboxes in timely fashion
    • logs in packages and notifies recipients
    • prepares FEDEX and UPS documentation correctly
    • takes outgoing mail to mail room in time for pick-up times
    • forwards mail as needed

  • Maintains files

    • keeps files in organized fashion so that materials are easily located
    • refiles material within 1/2 day of return
    • checks out files as requested, using proper forms and "file locator tabs"

  • Duplicates materials

    • accurately duplicates materials within 4 hours of receipt or as requested
    • collates and staples materials to assure professional appearance
    • notifies staff of completed orders
    • maintains machine, resolves problems and contacts service personnel as needed

Example of Performance Standards for Accounting Associate

  • Researches information:

    • review contents of time-sensitive publications, accurately summarize funding information, and appropriately distribute in weekly email

  • Processes requests for external funding:

    • verifies accuracy of budgets and forms,
    • secures appropriate internal signatures,
    • submits to finance in an accurate and timely manner
    • maintains office files so that tracking the funding process is easily managed

  • Monitors accounts and processes paperwork:

    • identifies charges, verifies availability of funds and obtains proper authorizations in accurate and timely manner
    • processes expenditures within five working days

Example of Performance Standards for a Laboratory Technician

  • Prepares laboratory reagents, cultures and solutions:

    • all reagents, cultures and solutions are prepared with extreme accuracy
    • all reagents, cultures and solutions are stored appropriately
    • all specified safety regulations are followed
    • stocks are kept in supply

  • Washes and sterilizes glassware and equipment:

    • cleansing operations are done according to specified guidelines
    • glassware and equipment are returned to cabinets once sterilized
    • all glassware is washed and sterilized within 4 hours of use

  • Keeps records of research results:

    • records are accurate, neat and easily interpreted
    • records are completed within 1 day of actual experiment

Example of Performance Standards for a Library Services Associate

  • Oversees library department desk

    • assures coverage for all times library is open
    • responds to patrons' questions and resolves problems in a timely manner and with a strong focus on customer service

  • Trains student workers:

    • assures that all students have the proper training to work at the desk
    • training is completed within the first two weeks of the semester
    • follows up on each student's performance and continues training and coaching as needed

  • Reshelves books:

    • all books are reshelved within 24 hours of return
    • books are reshelved in proper location

Example of Performance Standards for Administrative Secretary:

  • Oversees clerical support functions:

    • work priorities are clearly established and followed
    • manages the performance of the support staff by providing a motivational environment, correcting poor performance and acknowledging good performance

  • Composes correspondence:

    • composition is professional, grammatically correct, clear and logical and reflects the tone and philosophy of the department
    • correspondence is timely and has a customer friendly orientation

  • Develops and maintains complex files and databases:

    • files and databases are accurate and updated on a regular basis
    • trains others in use and interpretation of databases
    • assures back-up in maintaining files and databases

  • Makes travel arrangements and completes travel documents:

    • all arrangements are made in a timely manner
    • assures that all travel stays within the travel budget with exceptions cleared by the Chair
    • monitors to assure accuracy in documents
    • responsible for determining all extenuating circumstances and resolving problems

Example of Performance Standards for Technical Support Provider:

  • Provides technical support to computer users:

    • identifies and resolves problems such that the user feels that the problem is resolved

    • installs hardware and software in a timely manner and with minimum interruption to the user
    • conducts all interactions with the user in a customer friendly manner

  • Makes recommendations as to system needs:

    • makes recommendations consistent with customer needs
    • recommendations are consistent with departmental budget guidelines

  • Serves as resource on technical questions:

    • keeps updated on latest in the field and attends all training offered

    • researches answers when not immediately knowledgeable
    • responds in a timely manner
    • answers questions and deals with all customers with respect and understanding
    • always interacts with customers from a customer service perspective

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