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GMT - 2 Hours UPS - LCD-AR77

Post by News Poster on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:49 pm

Product Description
INTELLIGENT UPS. Save 100% Life of Your Home and Office Equipments Using Pure Sine Wave Technology

UPS - LCD-AR77 Lcd-ar77_2_00


UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_trianglePure Sine Wave
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleTransfer Time Including detecting time: 5ms
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleAdvanced Performance due to CPU Control.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleUPS Start automatically when main power recovers.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleWide Range of Power Input and accurate output AVR.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleOption to use external battery up to 200AH for Long Backup.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleAccurate Pure sine wave output: strong capacity of different load.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleSmart LCD Display show complete information about Power, Load and Battery values.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_trianglePerfect protection of overload, short circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage and overheating etc.


UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleBackup Time: 2 Hrs continuous backup 1 time with 200 Ah*1 full charge batteries.
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleCapacity: 1.4KVA(700W)
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleDC Voltage: 12VDC
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleOver Load: Audible Alarm
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleVoltage Rang: 220/230.240VAC
UPS - LCD-AR77 Evolis_puce_triangleWeight: 27 Kg
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Character sheet
UPS - LCD-AR77 Left_bar_bleue125/500UPS - LCD-AR77 Empty_bar_bleue  (125/500)

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