PSY403 Assignment # 1 Solution Fall 2013

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GMT - 2 Hours PSY403 Assignment # 1 Solution Fall 2013

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Social Psychology (PSY 403)
Assignment No.01
Due Date: December 03, 2013
Assignment Objectives:
By the end of this assignment, students will be able to:
· Analyze the impact of impression formation in real life.
· Apply the learned phenomenon into real life situations
“Person’s Perception”
We all form social judgments in our daily lives. In this regard, impression formation plays an
important role. Whenever, we meet with a new person, we form an immediate impression about
him/her on the basis of dressing, communication style, non-verbal clues and personality traits.
We make judgments on the basis of such kinds of information.
Dear students!
Here is an activity given below:
You are required to take an individual (teacher/friend/colleague) from your surroundings. It is
preferable to choose such an individual with whom you have spent a sufficient amount of time
(at least 2-3 years). In this regard, you have to follow these steps:
Task 01:
Make a list of traits/characteristics of the selected individual when you have seen him/her for the
first time. Discuss the primacy effects. (You must take any of the 5 traits of his/her personality.
You are required to report all those factors while creating impression about him/her such as
appearance, non-verbal clues, paralinguistic, facial expressions and personality traits and so on).
Task 02:
As compared to the first impact, did you change your opinion about that particular person after
spending a sufficient period of time? You have to discuss it in the context of recency effects.
Task 03:
How much impression formation is important and what role does it play in your life? Discuss
with real life examples.

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