How does VOIP and Viber for Android Work?

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GMT - 12 Hours How does VOIP and Viber for Android Work?

Post by modi on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:46 am

How does Viber work?
It’s really very simple: Viber gives you the option to dial a contact via your GSM carrier or via the internet- in other words, regular call or free call.
Unlike a social network or group, Viber does not inform you of who is online or not. Just like a normal phone. If you call, or send an SMS via Viber, it is exactly like calling or sending an SMS via your regular phone. Only with Viber it's free.
With Viber, there is no need for user names, or logging in, just like with your regular phone dialer. You simply turn on your phone, and you have Viber available. Thats all there is to it.
So how does Viber know who has Viber and who doesn't?
As soon as you open the Viber application, Viber will scan your contact list, and if it recognizes another Viber user, it will place a badge next to that person's name. It will do the same in their device. So just like with a regular phone, only the people who already have your phone number can call you.
If you choose to place a call via Viber, your call will be directed via your current internet connection: 3G or WiFi.  3G internet plans are managed by your cell phone carrier, so you should check with them about your 3G internet plan, and how much monthly badwidth allowance you have.  The bandwidth rate during a Viber call is approximately 240 KB per minute up and down, 14 MB per hour up and down. 
WiFi connections have no limitations on bandwidth, so it’s preferable to use your device's WiFi to enjoy a crystal clear and completely free phone call, worldwide.
You can find more details about free Viber calling and texting [url=../../../../index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/57/12/android-what-is-viber-and-is-viber-really-free]HERE[/url]
Voip info from Wikipedia

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