What's new with Viber 3.0 for Android?

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GMT - 3 Hours What's new with Viber 3.0 for Android?

Post by modi on Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:10 am

What's new in Viber 3.0 for Android:
• Support for all new Viber Desktop - on WINDOWS and MacOS!!
• Transfer live calls between Viber on your Android and Viber on Windows or MacOS
• User interface has been redesigned to give the latest Android look and feel
• Online status is now available • Send video messages to your friends
• All new Voice engine improves sound quality on both low quality and high quality networks
• New cool stickers • Larger photos and larger photo thumbnails
• You can now add a caption to the photos and videos you send
• Performance improvements
• Viber is now localized to: Swedish, Turkish, Korean and Dutch (in addition to
  previous languages: Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese
  (traditional), Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil))
• So many more small features that we can't even remember...
What's new in Viber 2.3 for Android:

  • Use system sounds: Use your Android's custom sounds in Viber.

  • Share stickers, emoticons and custom location.
  • Facebook login in Viber profile(syncs your name and photo), allows you to share easily.
    Reply to SMS with Viber feature: Reply to an SMS using Viber when your friend also

  • has Viber. 
What's new in Viber 2.2:

    - Group Messaging: you can now send free messages to groups of friends. Share photos, links and invite more

  •   friends to join. 
  • - Assign a custom background to conversation. 
  • - Photos were added to the Contacts list 
  • - Added time stamp for each message. 
  • - See who joined Viber lately when viewing the Contacts screen.
    - Auto activation. If you have been activated before and then re-activate with the same device and number, the

  •   activation will be automatic.
  • - Support for Jellybean 4.1+.
Viber 2.1
Viber 2.1 is loaded with wonderful features, like the new VIVO voice engine, which will make your Viber calls sound even better than ever!
 And as requested by our users, with Viber you can now send photos while texting with your friends, with a simple push of a button. You can either take a
new picture and send it, or load an already saved picture from your picture library. Your pictures can be shared on Facebook, sent via mail, and forwarded
through Viber to other Viber contacts.

But there's much more....
Viber now becomes Location-Aware:
How about sending your friends your present location? Viber has also added this fanatastic new feature, and as always, we have kept it simple. 
Share your current location with your contacts so that they will know from where your message was sent. When sharing your current location, it
will be attacfhed to every outgoing message.  And of course your privacy is most important to us, so this feature can be enabled or disabled by
simply tapping the 'location' button that has been added next to the input box.


The "X is typing" notification will make it even easier to text. No more waiting to see if your contact is replying or not.
Now you will know when your friend is there, and actually answering your recently sent message. When your friend replies to your message,
his name will appear right above the text imput field.
  And it's all in real time.  
Same tabs, just a different order. We changed the order of the tabs in order to improve the accessibility to the 'Messages' section.

And now you can also place free Viber calls right from the Messages conversation screen as well.

 Contact menus in messages - New options allowing you to Copy, Delete, Forward messages and Share on facebook.
Just tap and hold on the message you wish to edit, and the option window will appear.
If you wish to share a message or picture on facebook, then just click on the selection and the rest is all self explanitory.

New and improved Busy Screen. If your contact is currently busy, you can simply leave him or her a free text message.  Or you can redial the number.
Minor improvements have also been made to message sending behavior. For example, the Resend button. If your message was not sent, you will be notified, and you will have the option to resend it.
Delivered indicator showing when the message was delivered. Viber is the only App that supports this on iPhones without requiring that the recipient actually open the message. Obviously, this works on Androids too.
New improved facebook integration as well
And how about our More screen? Yes, this has also been rearranged. We have added various customization features which can be accessed via the new Settings section.

And just wait and see... 

Much more is still on the way!

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