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GMT + 3 Hours Course Info - MGT502

Post by Simba on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:07 pm

Organizational Behaviour 
Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad
Lesson-01 Overview of Course
Lesson-02 Organizational Behavior
Lesson-03 Organizations: The Important Component
Lesson-04 Understanding the basics of Human Behavior
Lesson-05 Individual Differences: Abilities and Performance
Lesson-06 Understanding the Values
Lesson-07 Attitudes at Work
Lesson-08 Personality
Lesson-09 Emotions and Mood
Lesson-10 Perception
Lesson-11 Perception, Attitudes and Personality
Lesson-12 Perception and Decision Making
Lesson-13 Motivation: The Basic Concept
Lesson-14 Motivational Theories
Lesson-15 Reward Systems
Lesson-16 Review of Part-I
Lesson-17 Foundations of Group Behavior
Lesson-18 Understanding Teams
Lesson-19 Group Decision Making
Lesson-20 Communication
Lesson-21 Communication (contd..)
Lesson-22 Leadership Theories
Lesson-23 Leadership Application
Lesson-24 Power and Politics
Lesson-25 Power and Politics (contd..)
Lesson-26 Conflict and Negotiation
Lesson-27 Conflict and Negotiation (contd..)
Lesson-28 Review of Part-II
Lesson-29 Review of Part-II (contd..)
Lesson-30 Foundations of Organizational Structure
Lesson-31 Organizational Design
Lesson-32 Work Design and Technology
Lesson-33 Human Resource Policies and Practices
Lesson-34 Human Resource Policies and Practices (contd..)
Lesson-35 Human Resource Policies and Practices (contd..)
Lesson-36 Organizational Culture
Lesson-37 Organizational Change
Lesson-38 Change Management
Lesson-39 Organizational Development
Lesson-40 Stress and Managing Stress
Lesson-41 Review of Part-III
Lesson-42 Future Directions in Organizations
Lesson-43 Future Directions in Organizations (contd..)
Lesson-44 International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
Lesson-45 Organizational Behavior in a Glance

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