Course Info - MGT411

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GMT + 3 Hours Course Info - MGT411

Post by Simba on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:06 pm

Money & Banking 
Dr. Talat Afza
Lesson-01 Text & Reference Material and Five Parts of the Financial System
Lesson-02 Five Core Principles of Money & Banking
Lesson-03 Money and the Payment System
Lesson-04 Other Forms of Payments
Lesson-05 Financial Intermediaries
Lesson-06 Financial Instruments & Financial Markets
Lesson-07 Financial Institutions
Lesson-08 Time Value of Money
Lesson-09 Application of the Present Value Concept
Lesson-10 Bond Pricing and Risk
Lesson-11 Measuring Risk
Lesson-12 Evaluating Risk
Lesson-13 Bonds & Bonds Pricing
Lesson-14 Yield to Maturity
Lesson-15 Shifts in Equilibrium in the Bond Market & Risk
Lesson-16 Bonds & Sources of Bond Risk
Lesson-17 Tax Effect & Term Structure of Interest Rate
Lesson-18 The Liquidity Premium Theory
Lesson-19 Valuing Stocks
Lesson-20 Risk and Value of Stocks
Lesson-21 Role of Financial Intermediaries
Lesson-22 Role of Financial Intermediaries (contd..)
Lesson-23 Banking
Lesson-24 Balance Sheet of Commercial Banks
Lesson-25 Bank Risk
Lesson-26 Interest Rate Risk
Lesson-27 Non-Depository Institutions
Lesson-28 Non-Depository Institutions (contd..)
Lesson-29 The Government Safety Net
Lesson-30 The Government's Bank
Lesson-31 Low Stable Inflation
Lesson-32 Meeting the Challenge: Creating a Successful Central Bank
Lesson-33 The Monetary Base
Lesson-34 Deposit Creation in a Single Bank
Lesson-35 Money Multiplier
Lesson-36 Target Federal Funds Rate and Open Market Operations
Lesson-37 Why do we care about Monetary Aggregates?
Lesson-38 The Facts about Velocity
Lesson-39 The Portfolio Demand for Money
Lesson-40 Money Growth, Inflation & Aggregate Demand
Lesson-41 Deriving the Monetary Policy Reaction Curve
Lesson-42 The Aggregate Demand Curve
Lesson-43 The Aggregate Supply Curve
Lesson-44 Equilibrium and the Determination of Output & Inflation
Lesson-45 Shifts in Potential Output and Real Business Cycle Theory

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