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GMT + 3 Hours Course Info - MGT201

Post by Simba on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:05 pm

Financial Management
Mr. Mubasher Humayun
Lesson-01 Financial Management - Major Areas and Concepts
Lesson-02 Introduction to Real Assets & Securities
Lesson-03 Analysis of Financial Statements
Lesson-04 Introduction to Interest Theory
Lesson-05 Financial Planning & Forecasting
Lesson-06 Cash Flow Discounting
Lesson-07 Discounted Cash Flow Techniques
Lesson-08 Introduction to Capital Budgeting
Lesson-09 Net Present Value & Internal Rate of Return
Lesson-10 Real Asset Project Cash Flow
Lesson-11 Capital Budgeting - Real Asset Project
Lesson-12 Capital Budgeting - Real Asset Project Contd.
Lesson-13 Introduction to Bonds
Lesson-14 Bonds - Valuation & Theory
Lesson-15 Bond Valuation & Yield
Lesson-16 Introduction to Stocks
Lesson-17 Common Stock Pricing
Lesson-18 Common Stock - Rate of Return & EPS Pricing Model
Lesson-19 Introduction to Risk and Return
Lesson-20 Risk for Single Stock Investment
Lesson-21 Introduction to Two Stock Portfolio Theory
Lesson-22 Portfolio Risk Analysis
Lesson-23 Efficient Portfolios, Market Risk, & CML
Lesson-24 Stock Beta, Portfolio Beta
Lesson-25 Stock Betas & Risk
Lesson-26 SML Graph & CAPM
Lesson-27 Review of Risk, Portfolio Theory & CAPM
Lesson-28 Introduction to Debt, Efficient Market & Cost of Capital
Lesson-29 WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)
Lesson-30 Operating Leverage (OL), Breakeven Point & ROE
Lesson-31 Firms' Operating Leverage and Financial Risk
Lesson-32 Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Theory
Lesson-33 Capital Structure Theories
Lesson-34 Impact of Debt on Firm Value & WACC Graphs
Lesson-35 Net Income & Tax Shield Approaches
Lesson-36 Review of Capital Structure Management
Lesson-37 Dividend Payout
Lesson-38 Dividend Policy
Lesson-39 Working Capital Management
Lesson-40 Cash Management &Working Capital FINANCING
Lesson-41 Introduction to Lease Financing
Lesson-42 Lease Financing Contd.
Lesson-43 Mergers & Acquisitions
Lesson-44 International Finance
Lesson-45 Final Review of financial management

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