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GMT + 3 Hours Course Info - MGT402

Post by Simba on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:03 pm

Cost & Management Accounting 
Mr. Mian Ahmed Farhan
Lesson-01 Introduction to Cost Accounting
Lesson-02 Cost Accounting Terms
Lesson-03 Financial Statements
Lesson-04 Financial Statements (contd..)
Lesson-05 Problems in Preparation of Financial Statements
Lesson-06 Problems in Preparation of Financial Statements (contd..) & Inventory Management
Lesson-07 Material: Inventory Maintenance & Costing
Lesson-08 Material: Inventory Costing & Maintenance System
Lesson-09 Material: Inventory Control System
Lesson-10 Material: Normal & Abnormal Loss and Inventory Turnover
Lesson-11 Labor: Introduction
Lesson-12 Payroll and Incentive
Lesson-13 Labor: Piece Rate Base Premium Plans
Lesson-14 Labor: Labor Turnover and Labor Efficiency Ratios
Lesson-15 FOH: Allocation and Apportionment of FOH Cost
Lesson-16 Factory Overhead Variances
Lesson-17 Factory Overhead Variances Analysis & Activity Levels
Lesson-18 Job Order Costing
Lesson-19 Process Costing 
Lesson-20 Process Costing System (contd..)
Lesson-21 Process Costing System (contd..)
Lesson-22 Process Costing System (contd..)
Lesson-23 Process Costing System (Opening Balance of Work in Process) 
Lesson-24 Process Costing System (Opening Balance of Work in Process) (contd..)
Lesson-25 Valuation of Joint Products and By Products
Lesson-26 Valuation of Joint Products and By Products (contd..)
Lesson-27 Marginal & Absorption Costing
Lesson-28 Marginal & Absorption Costing (contd..)
Lesson-29 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis: Contribution Margin Approach
Lesson-30 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis: Break-even Approach
Lesson-31 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis: Margin of Safety
Lesson-32 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis: Break-even Analysis – Charts and Graphs
Lesson-33 Budgeting and its Importance
Lesson-34 Production and Sales Budget
Lesson-35 Production and Sales Budget (contd..)
Lesson-36 Flexible Budget
Lesson-37 Flexible Budget (contd..)
Lesson-38 Types of Budget
Lesson-39 Complex Cash and Flexible Budget
Lesson-40 Zero Based Budgeting
Lesson-41 Decision Making and Costing
Lesson-42 Decision Making (contd..)
Lesson-43 Decision Making (contd..)
Lesson-44 Decision Making (contd..)
Lesson-45 Decision Making (contd..)

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