Vu Final Term Project Statistical Analyzer For Data Manipulation

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GMT + 3 Hours Vu Final Term Project Statistical Analyzer For Data Manipulation

Post by Victoria333 on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:42 am

Statistical Analyzer for Data Manipulation

Open Data initiative

The World Bank launched its Open Data initiative in April 2010. It seeks to promote open data, open knowledge, and open solutions for development. Believing that open data can increase transparency and accountability, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and create economic opportunity, the World Bank has released one of the most comprehensive databases on developing economies worldwide comprised of more than 2,000 indicators. This initiative made an array of data sets, including the World Development Indicators, Africa Development Indicators, and Millennium Development Goal Indicators.

About the Project

The project will focus on developing a web application that will manipulate the data provided in the excel sheet. The excel data will be transformed from excel to normalized database. The GUI based application will be able create the various type of graphs such as pie chart, bar graph, etc as per user requirements. The application will also be able to calculate the total figures of various indicators mentioned in different countries and specified time period.

Project Requirements and functionalities:

Following are the detailed requirements for this project:

1. Database Management

The database administrator should collect data from the excel datasets and transform the data in to database using the GUI. 

2. Login Management

There should be proper login management for each individual type of user, i.e Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Data Entry Operator.

3. Data Entry Layout

There should be data forms available where the data could be entered to the data fields. 

4. Data Filtration

The User should be able to manipulate the data according the names of the columns and number of rows.

5. Statistical Graphs 

The application should be able to draw various types of graphs for various statistical reviews of the data, e.g. Pie Graphs, bar graph, etc. 

6. Statistical Calculations

The application will enable the user to calculate the exact figures of the certain country or year for certain indicators.

Tools: Mircosoft .Net and MS SQL Server or Java/PHP and MySQL Along with Jquery.

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