How to: Freeze your semester

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GMT - 3 Hours How to: Freeze your semester

Post by Asad on Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:26 pm

In case of unavoidable circumstance a student may discontinue semester studies before the commencement of final exam, then University dues submitted by the student are to be charged up to the end of the month wherein his/her discontinuation application received at VU. The remaining balance, if any from his/her fee deposit is to be adjusted by taking it forward to the first of the month till he/she resumes studies through VU notification.

During discontinuation period, student is not allowed to attend classes and computer labs at Virtual Campuses.

Discontinued (frozen) semester is counted towards total number of semester. Please make sure that you need to study frozen semester from the starting point in next semester.

Incase you freeze your fall 2009 then According to University rules, a student can discontinue his/her studies for one semester at a time or have to re-submit application for semester freeze. Therefore, you have to continue your studies w.e.f. spring 2010. You will be mailed your new VULMS password at least a week before the commencement of spring 2010 through an email at your VU mail account. Please make sure that no hardcopy will be mailed regarding continuation of your studies w.e.f spring 2010.

Semester freeze Procedure...

Please note that semester freeze/unfreeze link has been provided to the VU students at their VULMS “under the student services” link .Student who intends to freeze his/her semester can do himself/herself by visiting the said link.

Please follow the procedure as under:

1. Log on to your LMS.

2. Click the “student services” link.

3. Click the “semester freeze” link under the Registrar Office.
4. Write the reason for freeze of your semester
5. Press the freeze button.
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GMT - 3 Hours Re: How to: Freeze your semester

Post by waqas on Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:56 pm

nice sharing Happy Happy

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