Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein

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GMT - 3 Hours Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein

Post by Diya on Sat Aug 04, 2012 1:26 am

English Subtitles
Singers: Kumar Sanu, Anu Malik
Movie: Baazigar (1993)
Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Shilpa Shetty
LYRICS (+ Translation)
ye kaali kaali aankhein
These black, black eyes,

ye gore gore gaal
these pale, pale cheeks,

ye tikhi tikhi nazarein
these sharp, sharp glances,

yeh hirni jaisi chaal
this graceful [deer-like] gait...

dekha jo tujhe jaanam
Since I first saw you, darling,

huwaa hai bura haal
I've been in a bad way

main mila
You met me

tu mili
I met you

hai tu mili
I met you

main mila main mila
You met me...

tu mili tu mili
I met you, I met you

main mila
You met me

duniya jale to jale
If the world burns, let it;

pyaar karenge
I'll love you,

tujh pe marenge
I'll die for you;

dhak dhak dil yeh kare
This heart shall pound (for you)

uuf teri dillagi dil ko jalaane lagi
Oof! Your attentions set fire to my heart.

dilruba tu mujhe nakharein dikhaane lagi
Darling, you began to flirt with me,

gairon ki baahon mein ithalaake jaane lagi
waltzed flirtatiously into the arms of strangers.

ye teri pairon ki mujhko sataane lagi
Your ways began to torment me.

chhodo ji chhodo sanam zid apni chhodo sanam
Give it up, sweetheart, give up your stubbornness, darling.

naazuk hai dil yeh mera
This heart of mine is fragile;

dil ko na toDo sanam...
don't break my heart, darling...

ye lambi lambi raatein
These long, long nights,

aakhir le mulaaqaatein
they finally bring our meetings.

jaane kyon dil yeh mera
God knows why this heart of mine

tera hi hona chaahe
should long to be yours.

use maila naa kar
Don't cause it grief.

ye gore gore gaal
These pale pale cheeks...

na tu kar hath pat
Stop being stubborn!

kar pyaar jatpat
Start loving me right now!

meri aa ja tu diqqat
Come to me, trouble

karte pyaar ka tikat
Hand me love's ticket (?!)

na tu zulfein jhatak
don't toss your hair;

na tu pair patak
don't stamp your foot!

are aisa na matak dil gaya hai beta
Oh, don't flirt so; my heart is a goner, baby!

chehare pe tere sanam
Darling, on your face are

Laila ki hain shokhiyaan
the wiles of Layla.

hir se badhke hai
Greater than diamonds [or thunderbolts] is

aankhon ki ye mastiyaan
the intoxication of your eyes.

juliet ki tarah hothon pe hain surkhiyaan
Like Juliet, there are melodies on your lips.

dekh le khud ko tu nazar se meri jaan-e-jaan
Look at yourself with my eyes, beloved.

dekhi jo teri adaa
Beholding your enchanting manner,

main fida ho gaya
I became devoted to you.

sine se lag ja saara
Fully embrace me,

jine ka aa�e maza...
and the pleasure of life shall come (to us)

ye bikhri bikhri zulfein
These touseled locks,

ye jhuki jhuki palkein
these downcast eyelashes,

ye gori gori baahein
these pale, pale arms...

ham kyon na tumhein chaahe
How could I not love you? [Why should I not love you?]

aisa to ham ne pahale dekhaa nahin kamaal
I've never before seen such a miracle!

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GMT - 3 Hours Re: Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein

Post by laila on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:58 pm

What a song..really..lyrics,music,voi­ce of the singers..and the actors..amazing and awesome... Smile

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