MGT401 Current Finalterm papers

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GMT + 8 Hours MGT401 Current Finalterm papers

Post by zaira on Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:19 am

total paper 69 marks tha .jis ma
3 qtn 3 marks thy
n 3 qtn 5 marks k thy
Q =earning per share find krna tha. 5
Q =5 statement di gai thi jin ma sy ap ny btana tha k konsi activity e.egoperatng activity. 5
Q =restortion aik qtn tha .5
Q= write down the component of cash flow. 3
Q =opening retain,closing retain earning and dividend diya hua tha ,then finf net income. 3
Q =lease amount di gai,fv n pv diya hua.lessee ki buk journal enteries pass krni thi. 3

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