MTH302 Latest Quiz Solved

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GMT + 3 Hours MTH302 Latest Quiz Solved

Post by laila on Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:52 pm

Question # 1
For mutually exclusive events A and B
Select correct option:
Probability of A intersection B > 0
Probability of A intersection B < 0
Probability of A intersection B = 0
None of these
Question # 2
In the normal distribution curve, peak of the bell-shaped curve gives
Select correct option:
Standard deviation
Question # 3
Faulty apple toffees in a production line average out at 6 per box.The management is willing to replace one box in a hundred. What is the number of faulty toffees that this probabilty corresponds to?
Select correct option:
None of these
Question # 4
In tossing of a coin, the outcomes on successive trials are independent.
Select correct option:
Question # 5
he Excel command “=BINOMDIST( 4, 10, 2, FALSE)” gives an error of #NUM. The reason is that the probability of successes is 2 which is wrong. The probability of successes cannot be greater than 1.
Select correct option:
Question # 6
The following formula for probability P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B)-P(A and B) is called
Select correct option:
The law of addition
The law of subtraction
The law of multiplication
None of these
Question # 7
The number of false fire alarms in a suburb of London on averages 4 per day. Assuming that a Poisson distribution is appropriate, the probability that 3 false alarms will occur on a given day is given by
Select correct option:
P(X=3 ) = (4^3e^-3)/4!
P(X=3 ) =1- (4^3e^-3)/3!
P(X=3 ) = (4^3e^-4)/3
P(X=3 ) =1- (4^3e^-4)/4!
Question # 8
What is the probability of at least one head in the experiment of tossing a coin three times
Select correct option:
7/8 1/8
Question # 9
Probability of sure event is --------
Select correct option:
1 -1
None of these
Question # 10
Formulation for Poisson distribution i-e "POISSON(x,mean,cumulative)" is truncated if ‘x’ is
Select correct option:
Non-integer Integer
Integer but expected numeric value
Integer but non-expected value

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