MCM301 Assignment No.2 Fall 2011

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GMT - 3 Hours MCM301 Assignment No.2 Fall 2011

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Given Scenario:

Suppose you are invited to deliver a speech in a social gathering to motivate people

for participating in relief fund campaign and rehabilitation activities of flood victims.

Considering the given scenario, answer following questions:

1. List down any 05 key arguments which you would use to persuade your



1. Logical Argument is not Enough

2. Think about Audience

3. The Appeal to Character

4. The Appeal to Emotions

5. Credibility in persuasion


You can right different arguments:

2. Discuss any 05 possible challenges that you may face to motivate people for the



1. There can be demographic challenge

2. Environmental challenges

3. Different people from different Areas

4. etc


you can right Different possible challenge according to your Thinking

3. Enlist information sources & visual aids which you would like to use to deliver

an effective speech.


• you can use 35mm Slides in your Speech
• you can use Graphs
• you can use projectors
• etc

Note about visual aid:

You have to use only 1 visual aid and explain it lil bit

Note about information source:

Internet, television, and other resources you can right.

Please Don't Copy Paste Just take an idea and Make it by your self Thanks ...
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