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GMT - 3 Hours Computer Virus

What Is a Computer Virus?
A computer Virus is a computer program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes.

What are the signs of Computer infection?
  • Computer functions slower than normal and freezes often
  • Computer restarts itself
  • Uncommon error messages, distorted menus and dialog boxes appears.
  • Applications on you computer fail to work correctly.
  • Fail to print correctly.

What are the areas Viruses infect?
  • Disk Sectors
  • All sort of files
  • Directories (Clusters)
  • Batch files or NTLDR
  • Source code
  • Program language files
  • Screen Savers & theams
  • Creates garbage and consume memory and disk space

What is the Nature of Viruses?
    Virus can be Resident and Non resident.
  • Resident Viruses reside into memory of the computer and activate whenever the OS performs a specific function and infect files and other type of data. It finds a method to hide in the memory.
  • Non Resident virus is not stored in the memory and hard drive, but it is in executable file that infects a computer each time it runs. EXE files are an example of non resident virus.

What are the types of Viruses?
  • Boot Viruses
  • Program Viruses
  • Stealth Viruses
  • Polymorphic Viruses
  • Macro Viruses
  • Active X & Java controls Viruses
  • Tunneling Viruses
  • Network Viruses
  • Malware

Note: These were brief information about Computer Viruses. if any one is interested in more information regarding viruses or its types you can leave your comment here. i will try to provide all the info i have.

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