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GMT + 3 Hours mgt502 Assignment Solution

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Assignment Solution of
“Organizational Behavior (Mgt502)”

Question No.1:
Which methods of expressing dissatisfaction have been used by Mr. Asim? (5+5)
Following Two Methods of Expressing Dissatisfaction have been used by the Mr. Asim
1. Voice Method
Mr. Asim actively and constructively attempting to improve conditions, He met higher
management and described all his reservations in this regard. He also suggested some
improvements in the annual evaluation process and the promotion criteria.
2. Exit
Mr. Asim Behavior directed toward leaving the organization, and thus resigned because
He realized that the situation is not going to improve.
Question No.2:
What are the other ways Mr. Asim could have used to express his dissatisfaction
and what would have been the impact of that decision on his work related attitudes?
Employees respond to job dissatisfaction in one of the four ways.
1. Exit
2. Voice
3. Loyalty
4. Neglect
According to above He can use following two other ways to express his dissatisfaction
1. Loyalty
Mr. Asim remain with the organization but response passively to his job dissatisfaction
by accepting the status quo with-out raising any objections or making any suggestions
for improvement but optimistically waiting for conditions to improve, including standing
up for the organization in the face of external criticism/ crisis, and reposing trust in the
Impact of that decision
Management takes the right decisions and set things in order
2. Neglect
Mr. Asim may remain in the organization and exhibit passive withdrawal behaviors such
as putting forth less effort.
Impact of that decision
He will be promoted with increments
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