Rs218bn crops rained out in Sindh

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GMT - 3 Hours Rs218bn crops rained out in Sindh

Post by ĽĭÓń ĤéĂѓŦ on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:23 pm

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KARACHI: According to an Agriculture Department estimate recent torrents have blighted the standing crops worth Rs218 billion, Geo News reported.

A breakup of the devastation shows around 75 percent of cotton and almost all the melon crops have gone down the drain.

Agriculture Dept fears at least 50 percent of the total sown crops will never see harvest.

Total losses are figured to be hulking around at Rs218 billion.

The staples that met this wet calamity are cotton, paddy, and sugarcane.

At least 75 percent of cotton, 26 percent paddy, and 34 percent of sugarcane have taken the hit. Besides all the melons on the vines have been squashed completely. Banana too was a big casualty of the relentless showers and subsequent flooding.

Vegetables at large including red pepper, tomato, onion, etc. also bore the brunt and went dearer in the larger markets.
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