MGT502 Assignment Latest Solution

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GMT - 3 Hours MGT502 Assignment Latest Solution

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Question #1


Transformational leadership is that which:s

facilitates a redefinition of a people’s mission and vision, a renewal of their commitment and the restructuring of their systems for goal accomplishment. It is a relationship of mutual stimulation and elevation that converts followers into leaders and may convert leaders into moral agents. Hence, transformationalleadership must be grounded in moral foundations.

. Characteristics of Transformational Leaders.

• clear sense of purpose, expressed simply (e.g. metaphors, anecdotes)

• value driven (e.g. have core values and congruent behaviour)

• strong role model

• high expectations

• persistent

• self-knowing

• perpetual desire for learning

• love work

• life-long learners

• identify themselves as change agents

• enthusiastic

• able to attract and inspire others

• strategic

• effective communicator

• emotionally mature

• courageous

• risk-taking

• risk-sharing

• visionary

• unwilling to believe in failure

• sense of public need.

• considerate of the personal needs of employees

• listens to all viewpoints to develop spirit of cooperation

• mentoring

• able to deal with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity



Following table shows difference of transactional and transformation leadership

Transactional Leadership

Transformational Leadership

* Leaders are aware of the link between the effort and reward

*leadership is responsive and its basic orientation is dealing with present issues

* Leaders rely on standard forms of inducement, reward, punishment and sanction to control followers

* Leaders motivate followers by setting goals and promising rewards for desired performance

*leadership depends on the leader’s power to reinforce subordinates for their successful completion of the bargain.

* Leaders arouse emotions in their followers which motivates them to act beyond the framework of what may be described as exchange relations

*leadershipt is proactive and forms new expectations in followers

* Leaders are distinguished by their capacity to inspire and provide individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and idealized influence to their followers

* Leaders create learning opportunities for their followers and stimulate followers to solve problems

* Leaders possess good visioning, rhetorical and management skills, to develop strong emotional bonds with followers

* Leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond self-interest.

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