Mgt101 Final Term Paper

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GMT + 3 Hours Mgt101 Final Term Paper

Post by ~lonely princess~ on Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:34 am

Total 64:
56 are MCQ'S and 8 are long questions…

Long questions are there:

Q: 57: 10% debenture of Rs. 80,000 are shown in trial balance. How it will be shown in financial statements (profit and loss account and balance sheet)? 5marks.

Q: 58: What is the meaning of investment? Differentiate between Long term and Short term liabilities. 5marks.

Q: 59: What do you know about ledger? Why the ledger is called "King of all Book". 5marks.

Q: 60: What do you know about the nominal capital of the company? 3marks.

Q: 61: What do you know about the Cost of good sold? 5marks.

Q: 62: Calculate amount of sales with the help of data given below: 5marks.

Cost of sales = Rs. 5,000
Assets = Rs. 200,000
Closing stock = Rs. 7000
Gross Profit = Rs. 40,000

Q: 63: Differentiate between Debtor's turnover ratio and Creditor's turnover ratio. 3marks.

Q: 64: Financial year decided by partnership agreement is 1st July to 30th June. Mr. Ali is partner and having a capital of Rs. 1,500,000 on July 1st 2007 and he introduced more capital on August 1st 2007 Rs. 10,000 on April 1st 2008, Rs. 500,000 and on June 1st 2008, Rs. 5,000. Mark up rate is 10% p.a.

Calculate mark up on Mr. Ali's capital for the year ending on 30th June 2008. 5marks.
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