Fee Structure and Voucher Payment Procedures

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GMT - 3 Hours Fee Structure and Voucher Payment Procedures

Post by waqas on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:47 pm

Published On: Monday, April 11, 2011
The University fully understands the issues raised by the students regarding fee payment procedures; however, the students’ community should also understand the issues faced by the institutions. Please consider the following:

VU is for quality education with affordable fee;
The fee structure is almost the same since 2002; where as all the universities (even public sector) are increasing their fee every year;
Over the past 06 months the banking channels are choking & the monthly reconciliation of fee is disturbing VU staff as well as the students;
Consequently blocking & unblocking of LMS is becoming a big hindrance in routine studies;
Students always questions about the fee being charged during holidays / semester break with out knowing that they are paying on monthly basis;
DUE TO CREDIT BASE FEE VOUCHER following time line should be kept in mind:
a) Closing date of course selection is after the commencement of classes;
b) Fee voucher will be generated thereafter, as it is based on selected courses;
c) The date obviously will be after the date of (a) above;
d) Due date of at least 10-15 days is required;
e) The voucher is being issued at least after 2 weeks from the start of classes;
f) Total duration of semester is apx 05 months;
g) The exams days are apx 30 (ie one month);
h) Time left for making payment of semester fee – apx 3.5 months.

Now analyze yourself, if VU issues vouchers on monthly basis then you (students) have to go to banks twice in a month to deposit fee; if for any chance, some information is missing, you have to face LMS blocking issues etc. would not it be better to concentrate on studies. Do keep in mind that the overall fee structure remains the same, there is no major increase in the fee; you have to mange the payment cycle accordingly.

However, to facilitate the students, an option will be available to split the voucher to a maximum of three (03) installments, depending upon the amount of voucher. Procedure will be announced at the time of voucher generation.


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