Almonds curb diabetes, heart disease

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GMT - 3 Hours Almonds curb diabetes, heart disease

Post by Generous on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:06 pm

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LAHORE: A new study conducted at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has suggested that eating almonds can help prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Scientists discovered that including the nuts into our diets could help treat type 2 diabetes. As well as combating the condition, linked to obesity and physical inactivity, it could tackle cardiovascular disease, they said.

Diabetics have a shortage of insulin or a decreased ability to use the hormone that allows glucose to enter cells and be converted to energy.

When diabetes is not controlled, glucose and fats remain in the blood and over time, damage vital organs.

The latest study showed that a diet rich in almonds may help to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease LDL-cholesterol levels in those with pre- diabetes, a condition in which people have blood glucose levels higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as diabetes, Scientists added.

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