Libya shows images of Kadhafi son

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GMT - 3 Hours Libya shows images of Kadhafi son

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TRIPOLI: Libyan national television late Monday broadcast what it said was live footage of Khamis, the son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, at his residence in Tripoli, to quash rumours of his death.

The images were broadcast after several days of rumours that suggested that Khamis, a soldier who leads one of the country's elite batallions, had been been killed in an air strike by coalition forces.

The pictures showed Khamis, dressed in military uniform, meeting a crowd of supporters.

Last week US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told ABC News that she had heard reports that one of Moamer Kadhafi's sons may have been killed in an air strike, but there was not enough evidence to confirm it. (AFP)
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