Astronomical rise in prices prior Ramzan

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GMT - 3 Hours Astronomical rise in prices prior Ramzan

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PESHAWAR: Persisting everyday soaring prices all across the country prior to Ramzan hasn’t spared Pakhtunkhaw provincial capital city here as well, as the spiking food and beverage prices kept grinding the people.

Ramzan being the holy month for the Muslims all across the world demanded that the prices of at least kitchen items and fruits should have been lowered for providing relief to the fasting people, but alas for the greed and avarice of the profiteers the prices have started soaring even before the approaching Ramzan.

Petroleum price-hikes have also worsened the situation, as with the increase in the cost of transportation the daily use items’ prices also further recorded sharp rise, piling miseries to the people
During the last two weeks, the prices of rice, ghee, edible oil, sugar and pulses were seen escalated by 10/15 percent, making these essential items for bare survival beyond the purchasing power and reach of the people.
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